Jackson DK2M Dinky 1H Red Ghost Flames Limited Edition
Jackson DK2M Dinky 1H Red Ghost Flames Limited Edition

DK2M Dinky 1H Red Ghost Flames Limited Edition, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

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Hatsubai 07/31/2011

Jackson DK2M Dinky 1H Red Ghost Flames Limited Edition : Hatsubai's user review

« Cool paintjob but odd colors »

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This was a limited edition guitar that only a few stores got. It's a bit stripped down from the normal DK2M, so it was more polarizing than some of the other models. The guitar has the following specs:

Alder body
Maple bolt-on neck
24 jumbo frets with sharkfin inlays
Jackson licensed floyd rose
Seymour Duncan JB
One volume knob


The first thing you notice with this guitar is that it has a very nice paintjob. It's solid without any runs or odd overspray in smaller areas that people tend to miss. The guitar itself wasn't the lightest piece of alder I've ever encountered, but it wasn't too bad. The neck itself felt like any other Jackson neck, so those who have played them should feel right at home. The fretwork on this was pretty solid, but I never started adjusting the action and putting my tools on it to see how true the frets actually were. The floyd on this isn't the best in the world, but it's pretty much on par with the rest of the stuff in this price range.


This guitar has the Seymour Duncan JB installed in the bridge, and the guitar really ripped. When clean, it was a bit bright. Backing down on the volume knob and adjusting some settings helped get a decent clean sound, but don't expect anything too spectacular. The midgain tones were pretty cool with the volume knob down, but with it maxed, I found that the pickup was a bit too hot. However, the high gains are where this pickup really excels. It's totally ripping, and you can get some super sick 80s tones with this thing. The JB, despite its polarizing opinions, is a fairly solid pickup. I just really wish this had a neck pickup.


For the price, this is a great guitar. I'm not totally crazy about the finish as I think the red and the maple fretboard clash a bit, but the guitar sounds solid. If I were to keep it, I'd swap out the floyd with an original one, and everything should be pretty good after that. I still really miss the neck pickup, but I can't go on about that too much as it was designed for those who just want a bridge pickup.