Jackson Soloist Archtop JSL2HTBXX-P Sam Ash Exclusive
Jackson Soloist Archtop JSL2HTBXX-P Sam Ash Exclusive

Soloist Archtop JSL2HTBXX-P Sam Ash Exclusive, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

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JiPee 10/11/2008

Jackson Soloist Archtop JSL2HTBXX-P Sam Ash Exclusive : JiPee's user review


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Made in Japan, this guitar is a limited edition, I've had some time so I would not make a thorough test but it is a good guitar that I paid 990 euros, the floyd is an original and Seymour Duncan also the (TB 59 in bridge and neck). the finish is almost perfect and is much prettier thanks to a SL3 binding on the neck, cuts on his body and carved table, even if the main difference is that it has two humbuckers instead of a HSS config. The handle is a true driver's killing and the sound is more versatile than beaucoyup you might think!

I bought this guitar because I wanted a SL3 for several months but I found it too expensive and I already have more music man luke who is HSS so ...
I am not at all disappointed and I am once again proves that the japanese guitars are a good investment (and I've had a few ...).

Namely that there must be some hours to adjust the floyd deep at the reception. And also that the finishes, even if they are very good, in my opinion are a bit more neglected than guitars serial DK type 2 for example. but I acknowledge that I am very very very fussy.