Jackson TH2 Stealth
Jackson TH2 Stealth

TH2 Stealth, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Professional series.

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Hatsubai 08/14/2011

Jackson TH2 Stealth : Hatsubai's user review

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The TH2 Stealth brings about two different changes when compared to the TH1 -- for one, it has an ash body (although basswood is also available). The other is that it has an HSH configuration. Finally, it has a different headstock. The guitar has the following specs:

Ash body
Maple bolt-on neck with a rosewood fretboard
22 jumbo frets with dot inlays
Vintage style tremolo
HSH configuration
One volume, one tone
Five way switch


The biggest thing that disappointed me with this guitar is that it had the vintage trem. I don't mind vintage trems on strats, but if I'm playing a Jackson, I want a real Floyd Rose. It's just kind of a pet peeve of mine. The guitar itself was put together fairly nicely without any major issues. There was a slight neck joint gap, but it wasn't anything major. The frets could use a good one around, but all in all, it was put together quite nicely.


The pickups in this weren't that great, and it's no real surprise considering that they were stock pickups. The guitar itself was pretty resonant sounding, and it had some good weight. The bridge pickup was a bit muffled sounding, even with the tone pot maxed out. I was hoping for some nice clarity, but it's about what to expect with these stock pickups in these guitars. The middle single works good in the split positions, but it's pretty useless on its own. The neck humbucker was a bit too muddy for me, and I'm a fan of fat neck tones.


If you find a good deal on one of these used, it would be worth checking out. Keep in mind that this has the vintage tremolo instead of the normal floyd. If you're a fan of vintage tremolos, you'll probably really like this guitar. It's like a hot rodded strat or something. Jump on it if you find a good deal.