Lâg The Beast Custom
Lâg The Beast Custom

The Beast Custom, STC-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the The Beast series.

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plutark 10/02/2005

Lâg The Beast Custom : plutark's user review


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View Previous notice that this is a complete gard
I prcise this series no longer exists, but secondhand must throw it because it is a model of quality exeptionnelle.


Handle very very nice, with access to acute very good, helping SCALOP handle everything.
At ergonomics, ben c simple, lightweight, large profile can hardly be mieux.Pleins pots tested this guitar, and all say the same "rolalaaa super light, super body and an ergo." I have no lag in action, but their guitars before they are taken over by the financiers and the new collection that is less than was true of the great quality when you look at the price.
Not to get a good sound with ben I think Quil is plug it into a marshall: d I joke, I really think this guitar goes with everything.


I jou jazz, death metal in r minor, thrash, heavy, the black, and really it is anything but the cif but it is not too disabling
I play head amp Peavey Ultra Plus, and baffle 5150 'x12 slant, digitech rp 2000.
Micros super versatile, you want a iron maiden, well go on the central regulating and hop a chti tagazok C wins you want aggressive hop mico corp, and if you want the big ben neck pickup, not really you can just leave with this instrument.


I use it since the winter of 2000, acht nine.
Before that I used as many newbie bc rich guitars, well, there really such a conch after having scratched the Beast in his hands.
The report price is EXCELLENT quality really, you have a guitar defy Competition, you will not have a PRS, a Ricken, a gibson, fender us a etc. for the price of cete guitar, which stands up very well.
I do it again this choice without problem if I had, but since Eien to the world I do not sell it !!!!!! I acht another guitar for: schecter 007 blackjack, it's fine for the death metal, but does not stop me from my components still lag pieces on the beast for it is extremely more manageable.
Again I repeat this model is versatile in exelence, depending on your gear you will reap a tremendous potential and I play songs or mix parts jazz riff and death very big, I can assure you, if you are a friend of switch microphones into pieces, well you do everything with even live.

I recommend this guitar to all those who are different styles and looking for a guitar sound as good quality as ergonomic. For now findable against that occasion, and lag in his new collection is far from this quality not to mention the fact that he is now in China .....