Lâg The Beast XTrem
Lâg The Beast XTrem

The Beast XTrem, STC-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the The Beast series.

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mad mango 02/02/2013

Lâg The Beast XTrem : mad mango's user review

«  a strat in French (supercharged) »

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I bought it in 2004, but it is a model that was made in France BEDARIEUX, presumably between 1996 and 1998.
Shaller bridge, which remains in place even with heavy use of vibrato.
the handle is rounded and flattened and gradually as we progress towards the treble.
24 jumbo frets
3 micro simple "di marzio"
1 volume knob
One tone knob
5 position selector 1


the handle is versatile gaming Agreement and chorus, the guitar is very well balanced.
only access to the latest case is perhaps less easy, but came to the seventeenth box but it is less specialties.
vacuum intonation is excellent, and I think the quality of the wood is the time lag for beaucoup.effectivement was a rising brand and did not flow as guitar today. coutait this guitar at the time 16,000 francs (€ 2,400), but hey I digress.


about the sound, it is in the world of strat, but supercharged (micro di marzio requires)
neck pickup is mellow wish
central micro super funky casserole
neck pickup with a good overdrive, it transports you to solo or riff
intermediate positions are in good rhythm.
used guitar with a Vox AC30 and a Fender bandmaster, well suited for blues, funk groove, rock.
for more metal and hard style more violent ... used with a high gain amp for lead guitar.


it's a guitar, as in fact most, or at the time I bought a guitar I wanted to complete my strat configuration set.Après have try 20 fender, yamaha 4, 5 ibanez .... The seller had fed me put this in the hands lag and I have ever since.
it was expensive guitar, but this model is more, I really had a stroke of luck! after a few problems with my banker.