LTD H-1000
LTD H-1000

H-1000, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Deluxe H series.

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scyco 07/12/2005

LTD H-1000 : scyco's user review


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Scale 25.5 ";
mahogany body;
Saddle sleeve 3-piece;
Channel collbr /> 24 cases, jumbo frets
Rosewood, 12th fret with H-1000 Emg 81/85 active pickups 3 position selector
1 volume, 1 Tone black varnish Mcaniques Sperzel
Earvana compensated nut by
TonePros bridge
White abalone Binding
at first sight ....... Magnificent

As against a lightweight on my MODEL bavage varnish (approximately 0.5mm) on the handle
But aside from a ca one feels that this has t scratch heals and constructed so that the plant known to produce ESP guitars


In the grip there is on Astonishingly lgret surprised by this guitar.
While sitting trs is enjoyable to play.
The handle is fine and fast enough dovetail with big jumbo frets,
The extreme precision is empty and the sound of the scratching forces me to leave my folk take the dusts in the corner of my living room.
And yes the strings through body give this a superb rsonnance scratches.
A empty rgal


Amateur mtal but open to DIFFERENT styles of music, I do not want to have a guitar too strotype in mtal with an ease in the distorted sounds and have a clean rotten.

Well this guitar is everything I dreamed.
Indeed its use also extremely enjoyable, the sounds of guitars are worth much more Chres in normal times:
Sound clear:

The EMG 85 neck pickup provides sounds warm and enjoyable round for trs arpges plans or simply plans jazz blues the diffrence of EMG 81 bridge pickup is right trs, aggressive and snapping.
Distorted sounds:
forget the neck pickup and paste the selector down and ...... closes the bnouvhe not you dream
The disto EMG right in the face, though rather cold but trs prcis and IDAL for croum croum a string riffs and nags

So for super clean résumé (EMG 85) and super distortion (EMG 81)


It's been four months that I have and I am full of the purchase, I sought a versatile egratte around 1000 euros and I have not seen t dcu because the quality of components, the aesthetics ticks and finish, it competes with guitars much Chres. QualitPrix Report 12/10

So in conclusion, a rock guitar pin and see stuff that big stain (croum croum yehhhhhhhhee ....) but it is very much able to deal with a range of style trs tense.

A test without waiting