LTD M-1000FM
LTD M-1000FM

M-1000FM, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Deluxe M series.

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voodoo child 07/08/2004

LTD M-1000FM : voodoo child's user review


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Guitar made in Korea.
Driver Channel 24 cases in-3pices stocky, with rosewood back key "Arrows" + abalone binding on neck and head in abalone ... also the great luxury and absolutely beautiful.
EMG 81 active humbuckers Electronics
1volume, 1tonalit selector 3positions
Floyd Rose original (rather rare on the Asian MODELS)


Since I started the guitar, so about 6 years since I had so many guitars ... the cause of these changes rptition: the handle.
I have small hands with small fingers. I had an Ibanez RG prestige and normal stratum, an Epiphone ... my style of music is blues, prog metal .... the M1000 is the guitar I wanted.
The handle is off course, but it is unlike lgrement round behind Ibanez o the handle is completely flat which can tire the poignant after a moment, the hand fits directly on it. This handle is trs comfortable for little hands as big. In addition, Access in acute qu'ais grace is an almost non-existent heel.
In terms of ergonomics, fans of the form will not stratocaster dsorients because body shape is that of the stratum. Except the head reverse typical ESP with abalone inlays also. We can say that this guitar the look is Russian, she is sober with a transparent black, according to the orientation of the instrument with the sun, we see the grooves of the wood.
The only BMOL .... it is the weight ... the maple body ... it is paid trs heavy.
That's why I put that 9.


To the sound ... how can I say .... dj not a breath is heard from the amp into distortion clear sound, thank you active electronics.
I will PROCD the description of each position one by one.
The neck pickup EMG81 ... ... surprise, it is clear in his trs soft, you can play jazz without taking too EXAGRES either but playing with the Tone knob of a can ... ringing in saturated sound that keeps building with a soft to medium level trs enjoyable.
Both pickups together, central position of the selector ... clear sound, turned to the Texas blues, with its insist, slamming but warm saturated ... you find yourself in a sound horizon from blues to mtal, AD s you have to play a ith the gain of the amplifier.
Position chavalet .... then the war is clear .... the sound .... it's not his world is not saturated and he loves it .... dynamics and precision of mad harmonics dmandent does that leave.
For my part, I use this guitar with a Mesa Dual Rectifier .... really the blues metl further ... to spend more than well.
I put 9 because the blues to metal it may be missing .... 1 point for complete versatility.


I use it for about a year ... which is rare with me ... usually I start getting bored, but not l. ... I'm not deu and I would do if the choice j ''d do it again.
This guitar is trs class appearance with Flamed Maple top, this black patent and clear all the abalone inlays ... it's the luxury as the name implies ..... M1000 deluxe.
For that price you even better with a standart MODL American .... to finish and even the entire guitar. This is a report qualitprix absolutely fabulous ...
This instrument deserves some attention here a bit ...