LTD MH-250
LTD MH-250

MH-250, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard MH series.

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iamqman 09/13/2011

LTD MH-250 : iamqman's user review

« Nice price metal »

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ESP make some great shredder metal guitars. They excel in super strap styles of guitars as well as the overall sonic metal sounding guitars. They have a sub version of their guitars called LTD guitars which I believe is a branch of the ESP guitars but just made overseas. The usually have the same build specs and everything is the ESP guitars but just not American-made.


Construction: Neck-thru-body

Scale: 25.5 in.

Body: Agathis with quilted maple top

Neck/Fretboard: 3-piece maple/rosewood

Inlays: Offset blocks w/name at 12th fret

Pickups: EMG-ESP LH300

Electronics: Volume, tone (push-pull coil tap), 3-way slotted toggle

Hardware: Black

Bridge: Floyd Rose licensed

Binding: Natural (body), white (neck, headstock)


This guitar features a 25 1/2 inch scale and the bodies made of agathis with the quilt in maple top which is a unique selection of body wood. You get a maple neck with the rosewood fretboard. It also comes with two humbucker pickups which are active EMG pickups. This guitar is an overall metal ripping shredding guitar. You can use it with other styles of music but it really excels in the highly saturated rock to metal voicing music.

This guitar sounds fantastic when you use it was a nice middle amplifier such as an Engl amplifier or even a Mesa boogie amplifier. This guitar is designed to match up perfectly with the nice metal voiced amplifier so the pickups and the overall body to feel and everything is really designed to match those types of amps much better. This is a guitar this can excel and drop tuning suit don't be afraid to experiment with some low tunings or alternate tunings of the guitar.


I highly recommend guitar to anyone is looking for a good cheap and inexpensive guitar for metal music. They've been discontinued but you can find the used market fairly easily. They come in right around a few hundred dollars which is a great price for this guitar itself. The pick ups themselves are probably worse is much is the guitar is in the used market. So this is a great investment for someone looking to get grab a great sounding guitar is very versatile guitar at that too. When you can spend for a few hundred dollars nowadays won't get you a lot but it will get you a great sounding guitar was perfectly voiced pickups and would match a hard rock or metal sounding music.