Maya (guitar) Stratocaster
Maya (guitar) Stratocaster

Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Maya (guitar).

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fuzzstone 09/20/2008

Maya (guitar) Stratocaster : fuzzstone's user review


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It is a pure juice stratocaster made in Japan during the 70's in the company of Maya Guitar Kob. brand disappeared today. this brand manufactured the guitar and Maya El Maya (range suprieur).
I possde the stratocaster is brand Maya Fidler plutt a copy of the original MODEL, knew so well as do our friends in Japan in the soxante ten ...
and alder body Bolt on with 4 screws Saddle, SSS configuration, slecteur three positions, one volume, two tones.

the color is sunburst (see the picture ;-) ) trsrussi moreover, with beautiful waves in the wood, the handle is very late (well I think ...), 21 boxes, key stocky, repre key ugly, black and inesthtique, bridge type strat trmolo that the classic what!
well, mine avcu, and it's nothing to say .... in short, say it is in a state "relic". As best as I prfre.

Electronic by the cons is in its own juice, fully functional and silent tonnament .... not always the case on teams of single coil guitars ...
a guitar with a real vintage feel (when even 34 years the girl meters), trs enjoyable to play and hear, but we will come back ....


The handle is trs enjoyable, even if I find a little too late, accustomed as I am with pick handles style gibson.le mine has a few more bumps on the varnish, but not Gnant for the game, for against my frets are badly worn ... but hey, the guitar does not frieze. trs ergonomics is good (it's a Start!) weight down (the same as my SG vicinity).

for her, yes, we get a good sound easy, but we Retailer in the paragraph below ....


Let me be clear on its fender, it's not especially my cup of tea question of musical reference, influence, sensitivity I'm not a fan of the clear, or the crystal-clear, like when has burned fat, I like the sound of the P90 of Johnny Thunder, the Les Paul Page, the roar of the 335 kaukonnen, the howling of the SG of angus .... in short, nothing in fender, except ... . because there's always exceptions, of course the voodoo child and scabby blackmore for Hush and all of In Rock Made in Japan ...

voila, it's pretty possible Japanese sounds pretty good. its a pretty low-fi for that matter. must come from a micro no longer Premire of youth I think.
Clearly, position 1, a beautiful sound clear and well-rounded, warm enough, not bad for a play a little blues roots. Position 2 (ie micro intermediate) the sound is muffled, less clear, more "fat" (keep all proportion course, it's not a P90, either!) Position 3 (bridge pickup you ... always follow?) is the one right on his fender light and slamming, ideal for the funk, the rhythmic casseroles etc. ....

in overdrive, your exact transcendent is less clear that like me who loves the big sound and his songs gibson mahogany ...... we are not in the same register.
Still, the intermediate position is obtained with a distortion channel block on the JTM (yes I know it's not really high gain .... lol) more or less the sound of Deep Purple Blackmore period 70 / 73 So .... rather nice for a hard of the old;
highway star on one would really believe ...

In any case, the instrument has a true musical hundreds of kilometers of cheap replicas of the ten dernires year (including in the most Squiers and even some mex not really recommended). the quality of the microphones is the level of a highway with one, in addition, a true vintage grain. When the plays, we feel it is not outside the mag ... (along with what it pays CSWS, difficult to say otherwise ...).


I have been using less than a month, buy a grip icing on Ebay, the case is beautiful. Maya is a little known brand (good for those who know .. hh ..) who was in the 70's very, very good copies of famous brands, plus Elmaya under the label, while the most original MODELS as convincing (I even possessed me for a dozen years a sublime EM 1300 that I still regret ....).
what I like most about this guitar is that it's a real vintage Start with faults certainly, but a LOT of quality and real characters.
I like the least ... a real say anything ... for the price it is perfect!
So look, if you want a stratum with a real vintage sound, a quality far Luter of a sham of a mark on a stick (I know who pays a fortune to go for the Squier Japanese ....) !!!!!!