Peavey Predator USA
Peavey Predator USA

Predator USA, STC-Shaped Guitar from Peavey in the Predator series.

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killerkgprime 08/06/2011

Peavey Predator USA : killerkgprime's user review

« Great quality for the price! »

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The Peavey Predator is a USA made strat-styled guitar with all the traditional strat hardware, like two tone knobs, one volume, a 5 way switch, 22 frets, a vintage style trem, and three single coils. The body is alder , and the neck was maple.


The neck was a big draw of this guitar, it's a very comfortable, C shaped neck. Meaty, but not fat. Pickups sounded surprisingly good. On par with a USA Fender strats pickups. Very clear and singing, and with a little of that hollow chunk you expect from a strat. I never had any trouble with the pots or pickup selector switch.


I go for a very big, round strat tone ala Gary Moore, John Norum, Doug Aldrich, and this guitar delivered! I felt that the tone, playability, and overall construction was on par or better than Fender's MIM guitars, and at half (or less) of the price, it's a great deal for budding rockstars, or those who want a nice strat on a shoestring budget.


The Peavey Predator is incredible value for money, and I'd make the same choice again in buying it. I'm really amazed that the quality and craftsmanship of this guitar can be had at such a low price. It's the first guitar I recommend to other guitarist on a budget for a guitar, or that are looking for a modding platform for pickups and the like. The one thing I didn't like about the Predator was the finish on the neck, because I like a raw wood feel. that's just a personal preference, but I sanded my neck down anyways.

I actually stripped the finish on my Predator, and found that it sounded even better than before. The wood underneath has a surprisingly nice grain, and it's real wood under there! Mine had a 3 piece body.