Schecter C-1 FR
Schecter C-1 FR

C-1 FR, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the C series.

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jellybelly 10/16/2005

Schecter C-1 FR : jellybelly's user review


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Schecter C1 Floyd Rose, the Diamond Series.
Guitar frabriqu in Korea, 24 frets neck, sleeve end profile and flat but not as extreme as the sleeves of Ibanez Wizard (for SPEF the radius of the site so see Schecter (http://www.schecterguitars .com / ds_home_fl.htm)).
Original Floyd Rose bridge on the current model.
2 humbuckers Duncan Design HB 103 in severe and acute.
One volume knob, one tone and a 3 position selector: micro serious, serious and micro micro acute, acute micro.


The handle is very enjoyable if you love has played the profiles of this type, access to acute and excelente (it should be even better on the current model since it is round but with an al aces the acute study in which t (handle "all access") and not as round screw on mine is an older version). The guitar is well balanced and stays in place when you play standing with a strap The form is a "Start" but at the same time very DIFFERENT, I love this personal fit!
Micro, however, are a faiblare my taste, I had to design my version of Duncan SH2 and SH4, and they were not attacked prcis of that type of distortion metal.Le its future drafts, we plays a little faster, it has not happen to detach the notes for a sound precis.J 've replaced by a pair of micro EMG in 81 acute and 89 in serious and it sounds niquel! lol big sound, the table accajou resort is low and low medium so powerful sound, precision of an evil that does not forgive mistakes lol

The floyd on my guitar I was unfloyd licensed, not an original FR, it did not want the agreement and I broke the string at the bridges .... so I changed by Takeuchi ( who made the box for Floyd FR before reselling their licenses to everyone lol) and it niquel, but happiness:-D

I put 5 because I do not know the new version but the one I had a very good buy but Luthra have to change everything else is a little abuse ...


This guitar is made to shred in gros.Enfin I buy for it, I was looking for a small scratch not too expensive, ayaynt a handle end for work and have a shred of East more metal scraper.
But I precise that even with the EMG, this skyscraper is very versatile! and I go over the plan without any pb blues or jazz, as well as rock!

I put 10 because after the changes made on my own, change of micro and floyd, this skyscraper is exactly what I wanted.


I scratched this since last March, and I change the microphone and floyd very quickly after having reus.Donc I play with my configuration since roughly May, June and is happiness: - )

I try the Ibanez RG, but I Do not hang too much on the form, and I had a real favorite when I saw the Schecter.

The price is EXCELLENT RAPORT quality, the finishes are niquel is a nice little scratch despite the point that I stressed earlier, but I also stated that I really wanted a specific sound and powerful or modification I have made.
The new model does not have the same microphone as I had and the original floyd is a FR, so I do not just give a real opinion on it that have not tested.

If I had to buy a scratch-new for this price I buy a schecter no doubt! Other models like the EA or the classic are beautiful!