Squier Stagemaster HSH
Squier Stagemaster HSH

Stagemaster HSH, STC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Stagemaster series.

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giganum 05/27/2006

Squier Stagemaster HSH : giganum's user review


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The photo is a Squier Stagemaster blue.
-Factory in China
-2 Humbuckers and a single center (the whole plant) 5 notches selection of microphones
Floyd Rose vibrato bar
-2 Knobs: one volume, the other tonalitbr /> handle al-


Channel trs trs fine and enjoyable, unusual for a guitar of this price.
The frets are sharp trs accessible
Rpartition good weight, (and rather lightweight)
The pickups are drinking, for beginners it's perfect.


At the light, not bad with the microphone serious (good for jazz).
the micro environment are more acute well suited for ac Arpeggios a chorus of Sepultura. (his crystal-clear).
Cot saturation was quickly do have parasites if it boosts the gain. But you can have a good honest well enough mtal prcis tros and not fat.
Personally I put the EMG-81 sacrilge and waste will be t tell me.
Anyway I have a standard potatoes and qd was not a salary is banqier pafais to wait.


I've had 3 years
Its good to all, but dirty because there is too much qd feedback gain.
This is an EXCELLENT report qualitprix
rather for beginners or fauchbr /> But now I will spend an ESP Horizon II is en-mieu: D