Squier Stagemaster HSH
Squier Stagemaster HSH

Stagemaster HSH, STC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Stagemaster series.

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mat_25 08/04/2005

Squier Stagemaster HSH : mat_25's user review


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The factory in silent Stagemaster indonsie
22 frets, 2 humbuckers and 1 single (HSH configuration)
Licensed Floyd Rose tremolo
1 slecteur 5 positions, 1 volume, 2 tonalitbr /> Manche stocky, rosewood fingerboard, head mache renverss
mcaniques six oil bath line, saddle pad strings


This just scratches possde handle pais, trs enjoyable for solos, but also good for trs rhythm.
22me The box is hardly difficult to achieve but it's still nice.
It really keeps the shape strat. A slot allows the body derrire rhausser and see what we do.
The MSM Stagemaster possdant a Floyd Rose type tremolo of a violin and bnaficiant well finished, the guitar sounds fine without the plug.
At the sound is really nice. I am playing around with the microphone trs simple, but careful Fender Stratocaster sound. The two humbuckers are trs enjoyable. incisive wish for the bridge pickup and warm and round the neck pickup.


Well, the stagemaster, you'll understand is intended to mtalleux and other shredders. So no problem for a ring. My escapades as Mtaliques and TGV passes, I can assure you that the styles for blues, jazz, rock, calm ... rglage if done well, at the amp and guitar, it sounds no problem in the clear as saturated.

Personally I played on a Marshall VS30R so for heavy distortion, it goes by itself. In contrast to the clear sounds, the range is infinite.


I have this guitar since 2001, what I like most about this guitar's versatility.
on the other hand, vibrato repulses me a bit and I had to block it.
Actually it's my deuxime guitar. I was looking for a MODEL who has just resumed the same prs CHARACTERISTICS an Ibanez RG. So I had the opportunity to test both MODELS. What made me crack? Start the form really comfortable.

I paid 2200 francs era (about 335). Trs honestly, for the price, there was nothing wrong.

As I said a little earlier, floyd do I use a little more. That's why if I choose a new guitar, I turned over a fixed bridge or the limit on a vintage vibrato. That said the configuration of the microphones is idalie.

A MODEL know that the silent version also dclin HSS (1 humbucker, 2 single).

Has the Stagemaster replaces the Showmaster which incorporates the same CHARACTERISTICS Ormis the shape of the guitar. It looks like a Start without being really and the plate is gone.