Squier Stratocaster (Made in Japan)
Squier Stratocaster (Made in Japan)

Stratocaster (Made in Japan), STC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Stratocaster series.

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R=1 04/04/2005

Squier Stratocaster (Made in Japan) : R=1's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
Fender Squier Stratocaster Made in Japan
21 frets, 3 single pickups (like the Stratocaster)

3 knobs: 1 VOLUME, TONE, and two, plus the 5-position pickups selector
Channel CHARACTERISTICS Fender Stratocaster.

It's an official Fender Stratocaster is - that it takes advantage of the architecture of the guitar legend. It is manufactured in Japan for the price o by Squier (Fender sub-brand).
So, objectively, it's almost perfect.


Fender Channel: Gnial so. (Not flat like the low-end guitars)
Rear View is the Fender Stratocaster of David Gilmour, it is especially perfect for this race.

Use level is much idalie guitar for beginners (easy to quickly get out of pretty sound) that for any guitar confirm (a range of sounds discovering little by little, and sound ... solo hummmmmm)

Ergonomics mange any Fender Stratocaster, guitar among the most lgres.


The principle of Strato's doubled his versatility typ.
So you can play everything except the big o big mtal really heavy microphones may be simple be a little LGERS.
but otherwise ...

I play with a Marshall 40 W 30 (sisi!!) A BOSS SD-2 pedals, and also a long essay Wha-Wha, Zvex Fuzz Factory and (a friend).

This guitar is a guitar-qualifiable Camlon.

The quality of sound is irrprochable. It is worthy of its name.

This is the highlight of the guitar, the price compares the quality of sound!
For its quality Legrant suprieure on Fender Stratocaster Standard, the price is almost mutiple by 10!

More compared with the latest issue Squier Strat-only for beginners it is far above his level.


I have this guitar for 2 years.
She hyper-versatile, and the quality of the guitar is near the trs Standard Fender Stratocaster.
So the best qualitprix the march.

Also compare with other Squier (mainly Squier Start) is well above the lot. It has nothing do with the Squier made in Korea or something o. Warning!

This is a great guitar with a low price.
3 choices Stratocaster:
* Low-end Squier Strat-specially-beginners 200-250
* Fender Squier Stratocaster, quality close to the Fender Stratocaster Standard: 250-300 (quality comparable to Start Mex)
* Fender Stratocaster Standard US, the must: 1000-2000
The choice is yours ...

Thank you for Fender made in Japan, everyone can have a rock star for a minimum budget

The best choice instrumental in my life. Nothing wrong