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le guitariste du 25 12/31/2006

Stagg S300 : le guitariste du 25's user review


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Guitar made in China
21 playable fret
easel normal
handle vissbr /> the guitar is well made for the price


Channel enjoyable lyssa what is good practice to play
Easy Access in acute
the form is that of a well-strat mimics but the weight is really heavy when it is often especially scne
the sound is my pal electric Premire before but I had an acoustic test dja fender and gibson staqq the good is not the same but it provides good sound for the blues May dfois a distortion if she spits a lot


I practice a lot of Sonic Youth-style rock Strock Raconteurs etc. Behn and it holds well for this style
I play with a 10 ga stagg amp is too much for May I changed it to a vox is great
guitar maintenance well its severe acute mail dpend


I been good a lil time
I love her I hate her weight is the quality good price I think I'll still keep it a lil while but I'll change the pickups in the 100 wat Paske with the disto crash too if you take the good summer guitarist ptit budget it will convince