Sx Guitars SST-57
Sx Guitars SST-57

SST-57, STC-Shaped Guitar from Sx Guitars.

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TAJ873 02/11/2013

Sx Guitars SST-57 : TAJ873's user review

«  No miracle but considering the price »

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It is a strat copy so it has the same characteristic as this. Concerning the origin and the woods, I do not have the information.


When you have 3 kids not always easy to play the guitar. I bought this guitar used to play at home without fear.
After changing the lifts, the nut and the strings and cleaned the neck this guitar is fun to play.
The balance is good but the strings are high enough and the sound to the treble poor (crimp accuracy rating ...) can be a way to arrange this box maker.


The sound is not great but for the price it is very convenient. Pressing the knob is still limited.


We do not have a great guitar for the price but I think it is a good choice for beginners or others want a cheap model for troubleshooting.
I use it every day and the value for money is yours. I'm a billionaire I will not repeat that choice but at the moment I have no regrets