Vigier Excalibur Custom HSH
Vigier Excalibur Custom HSH

Excalibur Custom HSH, STC-Shaped Guitar from Vigier in the Excalibur series.

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Dryfe 05/17/2005

Vigier Excalibur Custom HSH : Dryfe's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Well, the great class, buy one for myself in a misra here must sell or the person had no knowledge of the standard quality of the scratch
6000francs bought, and yes !!!!!

The little plate mirror to look inside,
the 24 cases, schaller vibrato indestructible, the hoop 0
the super prcis rglage Floyd (you turn the wheel once every week)
No need even to remove the arm of floydpour store in the tui, is the same as a right!
Two double a simple,
Seymour Duncan, basic.
Two knobs and five positions
And versatility of sounds


Bah, it's classy, ​​what ...
when I guitarists lends some friends, they offer me to buy it direct from me!
ha ha!
Access in acute, nickel and sounds good at the top!
Weight, uh, quite employing force, so much so that I play fairly high.
When getting a good sound .... pff you wonder what good his plutt you will choose.
The acute slice a lot, so much so that its clear, I tend just the mattifier
Only problem: the output jack, instead of such a Manir excalibur never arises diretta on the ground!
Attention to the microphones, they are fragile (spring change)

In saturation ', pff ... drop the Sustain: the slice bte!


In dpart for the Rock, but the views of all users .... VERSATILE

I had a couple with JazzChorus Roland is happiness!
As for the use in the context Mtal Krunk .... ... the guitar provides!

I use it more in the context of a clear, consistent, and the guitar sduit me completely!


Used since ending for ten years, she sleeps a little bit right now, but it's really my guitar!
Stroke of luck for the purchase, since otherwise it would have t expensive.
I left a PERIOD Start, and even if the sound of stratum I missed the beginners,
I quickly prfr the handle of the Vigier and capabilities of these microphones.
quality price ratio: a is the dtour.
With exprience, I realize that I was lucky, since I bought it without really knowing
I made a case (the era, j'tais young!).
But the ratio quality price is more than justified.