Washburn N4 Vintage
Washburn N4 Vintage

N4 Vintage, STC-Shaped Guitar from Washburn in the Nuno Bettencourt series.

Gratt'oche 06/11/2012

Washburn N4 Vintage : Gratt'oche's user review

«  A good scratch, without »

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This guitar is Korean manufacturing (under license). The vibrato is floating, floyd kind, the key comprises 24 boxes, I guess it is rosewood. I do not know what the wood used for the neck and body.
The shaft is threaded through an interesting system to facilitate access to the highs.
This guitar has two humbuckers and split-coupled to a 3-position selector, and a knob of volume (push / pull to split).
On the model I bought, there is a Bill Lawrence in the bridge position and a micro Wasburn in the neck position.


The neck is thin, super nice and fast enough, the guitar as a whole is quite small, it has a good mouth, light enough, and is very well thought out ergonomics standard. The shape stratoïdale proven long ago, either for getting started as access to acute ...
The head is reverse biased, the look, I'd say it's rather more, then you have to like what. However, not being accustomed to this type of head, I find it a bit difficult to give, although with this type of vibrato, the strings once blocked, is given with fine tuners instead of the easel.
Brief explanation of the mechanics, they are accurate and robust, good quality.


Its level is not bad and super versatile, micro washburn is a bit messy, almost unusable is overdriven, but clean / crunch, it is not bad, especially in split fashion. The Bill Lawrence did when his real little miracles! Very punchy is fairly accurate, this microphone a little garish double-clear sound and is exploitable. In overdrive, it is in his chosen field!
When the intermediate position, clear sound, it sounds like a telecaster!


I use this guitar for several years, I have other guitars and I never tire of this Washburn.
And I've had all kinds of guitars in all price ranges, and this one fits very well level quality / price ratio, both in look (shape, finish ...) that sound, or manufacturing, very honorable, but no frills.
I got this guitar in a secondhand Trocante, she seems to have lived well, but withstands the test of time. I had it for about € 200 and that price, I think it's a bargain.