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Steinberg Wavelab user reviews

  • Steinberg WaveLab 7 Elements

    Steinberg WaveLab 7 Elements - " Fit for purpose!"


    The installation is quick and trouble-free, setup is simple. No particular problems, the product is stable! Purchased on the Steinberg site, I did not have a manual, but the use is fairly intuitive. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE The version is quite …

  • Steinberg WaveLab 7 Elements

    Steinberg WaveLab 7 Elements - " Incomplete software"


    Mac, installation is simple. PC, I do not know, but everything looks good thoughts I suppose so. I SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE has a `mac pro 4 core Nehalem 2.66 GHz with 8 gigs of ram, so more than enough. This software looks stable. OVERALL OPI…

  • Steinberg Wavelab 6

    Steinberg Wavelab 6 - Anonyme's review


    No problem SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Does not require a high performance machine. OVERALL OPINION Not really had time to exploit it. The sound very good, the visual interface ugly compared to what is done today but I think that Steinberg has fo…

  • Steinberg Wavelab 4

    Steinberg Wavelab 4 - Vince33@vx's review


    Installation is quick simple. No conflict. The manual ... .. How to say I did not have to even open it ... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Nothing to say, a go anywhere and not even lag. OVERALL OPINION The performance and quality come together i…

  • Steinberg Wavelab 3

    Steinberg Wavelab 3 - chimimic's review


    Installation: No problem Incompatibility: None Ease conf. gnrale: overall very comfortable. Paper manual not complete trs. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE PC Conf: WinXP/P4 2.4 GHz / 80GB RAM 1GO/3DD (Sys + audio + video) Operating: no worries …

  • Steinberg Wavelab 4

    Steinberg Wavelab 4 - koni's review


    Quick installation, I have not encountered incompatibility. Software easy to configure and full view that SoundForge: complete makeover of the interface and especially managing full menu plugins. Uh ... What is the manual? SUITABILITY/PERFORMAN…