ADL 1000
ADL 1000
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rroland 01/09/2014

ADL 1000 : rroland's user review

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Optical tube compressor, largely inspired by the LA-2A Teletronix (it uses the same tubes). The look is very artisanal, average finish, but this is perhaps what gives it its charm.


Super simple setup: two buttons. A compression to the other for the output gain. A little disturbing if you do not know the machine: the first button is the last (output gain). Simplest thing is difficult. No bypass button (injury). on the other hand, it can be read on the large VU meter compression or output level.


The sound quality is there, with a very particular grain, high quality. I compared it directly with the LA-2A: it plays in the same category but it seems to me that the attack on the ADL is a bit faster. It is in soft: you can easily get a big sound, without it seems distorted. I changed the original lamps to replace them with NOS, and easily gains in quality. I use it mainly on the voice, but it can do a lot of things (bass, snare, acoustic guitar ...).


for several months. I have no regrets, except not having bought earlier ...