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reaper_bigchill 01/13/2007

Altec 436C : reaper_bigchill's user review


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Compressor Amplifier has altec 436c Lamps
3 Lamps
XLR plugs


One of the most amazing machines and simpler than I used the compressor only has three knobs, a big volume knob, and a threshold and release, which are more difficult to access but the problem is solved with an old trombone.


Now to talk about the sound quality The camera, Attention: It's Hot. We managed to achieve excellent results on vocals, the song is a marvel. Paired with a Rode NT1 on Strings, the Altec 436C Do not hesitate to serve you a DLIC ear. Control dynamics trs natural t I surprised at the Manir he lets the good''punches''without gcher, as one can get different sounds in drive the tube different ways in short, it's worth its weight in gold .. Relement!


I use it for a year, I learned the proper use depending upon the source.
versatile compressor I've tried compressor Urei, dbx, Behringer, nothing compared to 436 C
reasonable price, I would do this choice every time