Behringer Composer MDX2000
Behringer Composer MDX2000

Composer MDX2000, Studio compressor from Behringer in the MDX series.

blackle 08/22/2010

Behringer Composer MDX2000 : blackle's user review


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Compressor / limiter also offering a peak limiter and an expander.
In front, you have to part compressor / limiter knobs 5: Threshold, ratio, attack, release and output, anise only 4 switches: key listen, key ext, auto and in / out (commissioning of the compressor) .
The expander provides that thee Knob him a threshold and a switch to release (fast / slow).
And finally the limit peak has a knob threshold ..
Rear panel for input and output you have the choice between XLR (Neutrik) or jacks. 4 other jacks allow a VCA control by external voltage or insertion of a processing circuit, such as an EQ ..


Operation is simple for someone who is accustomed to handling this kind of machine. In addition, the manual does a great job of explaining not only the use of MDX2000 but also what can be expected from such a device ..
Only downside, the use of serrated knobs (but good qualities unlike 2600) prohibiting any specific settings ..


Compression is very good and frankly much better than the versions that followed (MDX2200 MDX2600 and).
Compressor in use, not much to say it works perfectly, cons something quite amazing, when you push the settings to achieve significant compression (say beyond 6 dB), the sound becomes brighter (?) A bit like if there was an enhancer in the machine, it can become troublesome for some applications ..
The peak limiter is quite good and efficient dynamic expander.


In a good production and associated with good components (DBX and SSM) is the MDX2000 are working very well. It can of course not compete with other more sophisticated compressors but performance is very good. The one big regret is once again the use of serrated knobs ..