Elysia xpressor
Elysia xpressor
cybertool 02/15/2014

Elysia xpressor : cybertool's user review

«  good cam »

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or plug tech


easy baby

clear manual

you turn the knobs and you can hear what it's like


adchire means live, it's very easy to be paid to sound what happens in

I use it mostly for "mastering" or complete mix


A few months

tested most of the plug-ins of free and paid compression, but first hardware compressor, obviously nothing to do,

it is very soft and musical while being honest and accurate, and can also make it sound violent, many possibilities, discrete or audible compression

good / q ratio p OCCAZ especially, in my opinion a safe bet

a real tool and not a gadget, I would do this choice without hesitation even if I want to try other styles of curiosity
anyway I was seduced by the video presentation elysia that showed the possibilities of the brothel, so no surprise that side I was just waiting for the moment when I could play with!