Elysia xpressor
Elysia xpressor

Elysia xpressor : Anonymous 's user review

«  Very Musical »

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Very good compressor, very musical.
The knobs are terrific!


Simple configuration.
The perfect manual in "English / German / French.


This is a compressor, which can make a sound even cleaner as its original, it may as well make it fatter, beefier.

I use it on drums, it's great. I have not tried it yet on guitar acoustics.

I also use it for mastering, it's musical, it's punchy! Without degrading the sound.


I have two 1176LN and a Finalizer 96K .

The +: it is the only one with this sound, I have no word to explain it. it has a unique character. Very powerful. The manual is really detailed.

The - Nothing to say, apart from the manual, I am missing two pages, only the warranty ones.
The power switch is at the back, so once racked it could be difficult to reach

Money: I'm really happy that Elysia has finally released an affordable product with a great to sound.

Would I buy it again? Definitely but I would also like Elysia to make an equalizer to complete the mastering.

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