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spritnoirr2 01/04/2007

Groove Tubes Glory Comp : spritnoirr2's user review


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So for Fortich in English ... Appointment of ... For more information ... For other bah should not sleep during English class! ;-)
First of all I want prsiser I am not a specialist in because in the studio where I "taff" we are two ... 1 for the mix, recording (in short, the Big Boss) ... And another one for the component (me) ...
I can not have an opinion trs "pro" on this stuff ...
Namoins I aid my boss to the rack ... By lifting ... We know that the sound will be VERY HEAVY trs! It PSE just under 20kg of weight ... H yes ... Once a book ... We understand the meaning of the phrase: Fresh Pigs!
CHARACTERISTICS gnrales for this is what qualifies it:
Maximum Input Level: +34 dBu
Rduction maximum gain: 18 dB
Impdance of (XLR): 35 kOhms
Impdance of (Jack 6.35 mm): 18 kOhms
Impdance output (XLR): 600 Ohms
Impdance output (Jack 6.35 mm): 150 Ohms
Maximum gain: 20 dB
Control circuit (Sidechain) Intgr - shelving filters: 10 dB 50 Hz, 10 dB 10 kHz
Maximum input level-detection circuit (Sidechain): +24 dBu
Glory effect: 0-50% THD, mainly second order
Power supply: 120 VAC
Dimensions: 48 cm (L) x 46 cm (D) x 13 cm (H), 3U Rack
Weight: 16.75 kg
Just over littrature:

Dynamics processor lamps variable transconductance

Allows excellent results with all applications for recording and mastering with several instruments: vocals, drums, guitars, basses, keyboards, horns, etc..

Compression Fully lamp, no optical amplifier, or oprationnel MOSFETs for CONTRL gain.

Sidechain-detection circuit Intgr very practical (shelving filters 50 Hz to 10 kHz) and connectors for external sidechain circuit.

Rglage Glory trs ingnieux for applying a harmonic distortion to the signal from any source.

VU nitre with high precision slecteur of display modes for levels of input and output and the level of gain rduction
The connections are a xtrme solidity and reliability of quality so ...


This is the where I can have an opinion of "surface".

The manual is in English. It looks pretty simple.

Gnrale configuration is simple. Everything is on the front.

What makes one of the main advantages of this compressor is certainly that, apart from the input and output knobs, each knob is guts.

And skulls! Warning! Must s'chauffer fingers a moment before turning a knob. We understand that it is a rglage or another. No one "between the two to show".

For example, take a numrique a Focusrite compressor, which is a good machine, there is no big flick so that the setting is always approximate.
What you will find on the internet talking about this bte as a:

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>The Glory Comp is fitted lamps transconductance variable CONTRL Designed to the level of signals passing through them. This is one of many CHARACTERISTICS allowing the Glory Comp dmarquer to all compressors lamps or transistors of the market.
Unlike most compressors lamps "products these days, dynamics processing is provided by variable gain plutt lamps by optical amplifiers, transistors and MOSFET oprationnels. Two lamps paired with precision, consists of lamps Groove Tubes specially select for Linari exceptional perform the Czech dlicate consisting change the signal level to ensure modulation of the gain particulirement homogne and natural. The Tagus lamps variable transconductance Glory Comp is located in the center of a high performance circuit symtrique Fully lamps (of course).
A ticket costs will convince you: the Glory Comp is a compressor extremely musical, with transparency and versatility suprieures those of the other compressors in the market all catgories combined. The Glory Comp is also much more affordable
Indeed, it coast about $ 27 000 less than the variable transconductance Vintage Compressor most clbre

It&#39;s almost unfair!</span>


The magic Phatt al-lamps. When it Phatt SpritNoirr Kiffe. But l. .. SpritNoirr worships this machine. The sound is just ... Magic!

It&#39;s hot, it&#39;s alive, it&#39;s beautiful, it&#39;s just color in-Croy-able!

We go from completely. Low-end sound becomes a hit. Global Warming Good compo studio before the dance floor. This machine has a me ... And especially heating ... It ignites the studio in any sense of the term.

Both by the sound it DGIG heat!

Life runs through the veins of its circuits (which are a beaut irrprochable as an Akai S950 or Ensoniq ASR10). The sound is not the same at beginners and the end of the Journe ... Thanks to the lights and the atmosphere that dpend them.
Only problem, since it is always one, the SETTING THE Qualibre that s&#39;avre be the most tedious. The two buttons turn VERY SLIGHTLY (with a small screwdriver) and named CATHODE PLATE CAL. It&#39;s like the machine ... Pretty hot!

We have two in the studio. APRS and have t Minucia we can say that every glory is not exactly the same sound. But is the charm.

But the sound is the highlight of this bcanne.

For example and unlike other compressor when the sound level drops, the GLORY remains stable and 0db without influences on harmony gnrale.

Other instances when a percussive Kick, Tom recontre a serious note of a sub, all three are based and groovy ... Like the same principle of operation of YAMAHA MOTIF RACK! Or when you come back full of reverb or delay on Charleston, the sound vibrates and lives.

They say it is in this dtails CRER the quality. This machine is like if you eat Emene limousine redacted to Fougets ... ;-)


Available from 2000 euros OCCAZ on the net and $ 3,499 in the professionnal team, supplier ( ) this compressor is HUGE.

In a composite made from a MPC1000, passes into a ENSONIQ DP4 + effects and an internal MACKIE D8B, all orchestrated by the Glory ... When it&#39;s rap ... Allo ... Dr Dree? Or you&#39;re taffiol &#39;?

It is used since November 2006 and that is happiness, the sound quality does not deceive the ear and the final result is fairly Fidler costs on the studio. When each element COST place without being placed cart ...

A good instrument ... A good mix ... A super Hit for ... Thank you! Glory!

The report pays qualitprix!
Too bad it is not known if that was! A pocder absolutely!