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Nepas 08/31/2010

Symetrix 425 : Nepas's user review


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Compressor type "VCA" - Stereo or Dual - Mono
Expander functions and limit - Sidechain
Balanced jack connectors - 1U Rack


A dynamic tool for simple and complete:
per channel
an expander with threshold (0dbu/-40dbu) and release (250ms/5s) (fixed attack: 4ms)
Compressor: Threshold (-40dBu / +20 dBu), release (180ms/2.5s), ratio (1:1 / 10:1)
a limit: threshold (-10 dBu / +20 dBu)
an output gain, bypass, side chain.
A button to switch between dual-mono to stereo (the settings for channel 1 are then valid for 2 channels).

We may regret the absence of adjustment of the attack: the attack on the compressor is fixed (2 ms), very short.
The front is clear, easy to access - we have everything on hand.
In addition, the manual is very well done, accurate and educational.


It is a dynamic tool "useful": it is very effective, allowing compression "beefy" without coloring the sound.
VCA compressor is a very good quality, compared with dbx, Drawner, bss ...

I use it a lot in the studio for rhythm (some kick, bass, hi-hat ...) but also on some synths, when I want to "boost" the sound without changing the texture - I have to eq it .
Compared to other VCA "cheap" that I had on hand, the difference really means a low or a kick: we do not lose the fat from the instrument.


Used for 5 years is a very good VCA compressor, so little known by-side.

A very good alternative to classic dbx 160 and other Drawner 241, at a very competitive price (for now).