Thermionic Culture The Phoenix
Thermionic Culture The Phoenix

The Phoenix, Studio compressor from Thermionic Culture.

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Benjamin Le Jean 10/09/2014

Thermionic Culture The Phoenix : Benjamin Le Jean's user review


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Analog compressor vari-mu lamps. Mine is the version with side chain and standby.


Sufficient manual.
Please make sure the compressor is in standby when the LED is on and not the other ... It also compresses always when this mode is engaged.


Mastering use in the master mix or parallel.
I mix through since I have and I'm really enjoying the more gain than the dense one goes. it binds the sauce well and above all it brings a real depth. The color is subtle but it removes the mix collapses. beautiful this is large and when the gain is mounted it roars!
In standby mode it brings another color, narrower at the stereo but against a rather more pleasant audible harmonic distortion.
The side chain is really super helpful and makes it really versatile.
Mastering with faster attack leads to another color remains dense in the grave.
I love everything! It just lacks a Mix / dry and plasmid / side knob and it would be the best!
I use an RME ufx and pmc tb2.


I've had a month I used every day.
I have already worked with Neve, Manley, UA, DBX.

Please take advantage of the environment for this kind of machine. It's not a magic box but it's always better with. Sometimes it's subtle sometimes the hearts.

It's very expensive but it pays for itself what kind of machine and I can not see myself without work now ...

I would do without hesitation that choice!