Thermionic Culture The Phoenix
Thermionic Culture The Phoenix

The Phoenix, Studio compressor from Thermionic Culture.

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NUBOLEDI 01/05/2007

Thermionic Culture The Phoenix : NUBOLEDI's user review


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Get Cultured, here described the slogan on his T-Shirt that reoit Phoenix. Thermionic Culture, valve culture, in short, the lamp color and generous in Harmony, as a Summit, in short, a mere beast of access or the sound is right now and no frills, it's big Submitted rings and a Max.
3U, 2 beautiful view of white, chassis and superb hand-made welds, each book is unique and shows.


The manual is very very very very res simple, you just turn the knobs and costs


L "is the drama" to paraphrase one of my very good friend of Lyon, the phoenix is ​​magix, adfonce a fantastic sound mixes, terrible on guitar and vocals and I happens is the only compressor I know who lights the particularity of bringing down the front and give more air, but if you push any cup too much into it, what color, what size it is coarse and highlight your mix like never before. This is the opposite of Alan Smart (SSL and more drastic) it filing away the end of the spectrum, the phoenix bring them back, so many low and air mix in your all color and warm, c is an essential tool for any studio and Eng and wants a big sound.


I've had a year and love it as my Glory Comp, a ring of hell is made by enthusiasts like us, is human like machine and makes you love music. Stop giving our money to people who seek only a, Vik and Phoenix seeks above all our happiness.