AKG K 702
AKG K 702

K 702, Studio headphone from AKG in the K 702 series.

JimboSpins 12/12/2012

AKG K 702 : JimboSpins's user review

« Loud and hurt my ears »

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I have been using the AKG K 702 off and on for 5 months now and the first thing that stands out to me is how loud they can get. For some reason I feel like they get louder than any other set of headphones that I have used. In the studio we had to keep these only about halfway up because it seemed like they were always blaring loud. They are circumaural open headphones that come with a 10 foot cable. They are very light and portable. When you purchase them, you will not get a hard carrying case which would have been nice considering the price of them.
The frequency response is 10Hz-39.8 kHz and the impedance is 62 ohms. These open back dynamic headphones cost a lot and they are pretty light.
I have used the K 701, and K 271 MKII from AKG. All 3 are great but I prefer the MKII’s because of how comfortable they are and plus they are cheaper than the 701’s and the 702’s. The 701’s were around before this pair was and the crazy thing is that they are both the exact same price. The specs are virtually the same and the only difference I could distinguish between the two is the color.
The sound of the AKG K 702 headphones is very clean and crisp but after wearing these for about a hour and listening to music with them I would get a headache because I felt like the highs where very harsh in these headphones. It was almost unbearable after about an hour I hated the way they sounded in my ears. I have used many AKG headphones and none of them made me feel like that so the 702’s just are not for me. I do not recommend these; I would suggest getting the MKII’s if you want a great sound and comfort.