Audio-Technica ATH-M20
Audio-Technica ATH-M20

ATH-M20, Studio headphone from Audio-Technica in the ATH-M series.

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jarvis_steven 09/24/2014

Audio-Technica ATH-M20 : jarvis_steven's user review

« Good Enough for Forty Bucks! Good Enough for Back Ups! »

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The Audio-Technica ATH-M20 headphones are closed back, have an impedance of 40 ohms and a frequency response of 30-20,000 Hz. They are priced at about forty bucks and that being the case, it's hard to argue against them due to any cons.

The good things about these headphones are few.
They are extremely comfortable. They are lightweight and durable. They sound good.

The bad things about these headphones include:
They don't sound great. After getting used to them, I have been able to do some rough mixing with them, they work fine for tracking, but the response is certainly not flat.
A boost in the lower lows gives them a more natural punch that you normally lose having the source of the sound so close to your ears, but it is not enough to make them great studio cans.
On top of that, the so called isolation on these is a joke. I wear a hat or headband whenever I use them just to make them tight enough for a difference to be noticed.

Any headphones work fine for tracking.
Particular headphones that can reproduce the material that is being performed in such a way that it enhances the artists experience and gets them excited or in the zone about what it is that they are doing can be of great help.
I like to track guitars with these.
I also like them for recording rappers or anyone who is building around something bass heavy. They don't push the bass to an absurd extent like Beats by Dre or anything, but they compensate without over doing it.

In the end, I only own one pair of these but I'd happily buy more. Forty bucks for headphones that won't let you down is a pretty great deal. They should be rated a 6 or 7 for sound but thanks to affordability, they get an 8!