Behringer HPS3000
Behringer HPS3000

HPS3000, Studio headphone from Behringer.

kQataµ 10/31/2003

Behringer HPS3000 : kQataµ's user review


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Okay so no, I disagree entirely given I'm going to make you lower the average.
Bought three weeks ago, it's horrible! the headphone listening, we guess the price. the qualitprix is ​​reasonable, therefore, especially rapoort price / price for that matter. Because the quality ....
Big bass swells the extreme (a point that becomes ca Gnant, Acc c a closed headphone but when even ...), bandwidth 20Hz-20KHz, c ' is bogus! no protruding charley, you can not hear the noise dcimalisation on pieces electro, etc etc ... I feel the limit listen music with the head in front of the woofer !! !dropoff window
My ears in standards will allow me to say that the headset is rllement uncomfortable, and a closed headphone even when it makes a lot of mess the outside! but what it took to get me ?? I do not do it again this choice is clear, and if I may say so, better to wait to be a little more thun for acqurir headphones, pask'un bad quality headset is nothing more aga ant !! Ms. grsillant all my old Technics provides a better listening.