Behringer HPS5000
Behringer HPS5000

HPS5000, Studio headphone from Behringer.

gaetangaetan 09/09/2010

Behringer HPS5000 : gaetangaetan's user review

«  Especially do not buy these headphones »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I use it for 3 years, but actually I do not use it. Or if only for recording but it has the advantage (this is the only one) instead of being tightly closed, suddenly the sound is not too repisse in the records. After, use stops there for me, preferring to use stereo headphones for listening (my HS is in a house, I have no problem Neighbourhood therefore can freely mix on the monitors).
It reproduces the sound is bad, at all frequencies and this headphone is horribly uncomfortable, destroying all in its path ear (the singers and others being spent in my HS were all complaining about the incredible force with which the headphone compress the ears).
In addition, telephone cable for years so 60 is not super convenient (do not ask a drink or anything between your table and the headphone, it necessarily fall).
The models I've tried most mediocre was better than this ...
The quality / price ratio is non-existent, I'm really impressed by Behringer is, I'm afraid, the stuff of Leader Price HS (at least for these products at low prices).
Obviously I will not go this election and I urge all those looking for a cheap studio headphones, to read all the reviews posted here. This is your survival: D