Beyerdynamic DT 150
Beyerdynamic DT 150

DT 150, Studio headphone from Beyerdynamic in the DT series.

Batchman2005 08/26/2005

Beyerdynamic DT 150 : Batchman2005's user review


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I waited quite a while before giving my opinion on this headphone because I had to test it thoroughly and that since I acquired other headphones like the DT 770 pro edition specially 2005 and the Sony MDR CD780-among others.

I use it for 3 months. What I like most about this headset, its isolation and the quality of the musical spectrum. Least, the cable rights to three meters which is a bit cumbersome. Personally I prfre cables spirals.

When asked did you have tried many other models before acqurir? The well is yes rponse sr. Of these, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (250 ohm), Sennheiser HD 250 Linear, Sony MDR-CD750 and so on.

I personally pay 187.50 euros this headphone from a dealer via the Belgian importer in Belgium, I have to say is perfect (Prvos establishment) not cited. Only BMOL it took me to wait a month and a half to get a copy. And yes, the studios and radio stations were controlled before me this headphone and there was an out of stock. ah yes, the report qualitprix?
Trs Ok, so this little dear stepfather, but the price of a good headphone pro studio. With a musical spectrum that ranges from 5 30 000 Hz, low trs Further, averages frquences excellent and upper rev range that rings clear.

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? Trs honntement for almost the same price I prfre DT 770 Pro, so you can conclude that no, but I RPET, it is really good trs.

Its listing, I have to put a rating on DT 770 pro infrieure I score 10/10. Since there are no half scoring (9.5 / 10), he obtained the note from 9 / 10.

J'espre now that by the end of the year 2005, I can get the new DJ headphones spcial home Beyerdynamic DJ-X1 and thus evaluate too, always compared to other headphones of what to call my dj collection.