Beyerdynamic DT 250
Beyerdynamic DT 250

DT 250, Studio headphone from Beyerdynamic in the DT series.

a.k.a 02/27/2011

Beyerdynamic DT 250 : a.k.a's user review

«  You can count on him! »

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I use this headphone for several months, tired of my Sennheiser I-don't-know-more-how about 30 €, so this is my first "real" headphones. I use it on the bottom of my pedal bass, listening to the "leisure" and for monitoring.
Before my purchase, I went to the store with 3 cds that I knew very well and I have tried other models: DT 770 and 990 of the same brand, Sony MDR7509 with a big potato but with acute m 'would soon tired and a final model that Sennheiser did not scored.

I chose the 250 into 250 ohms for softness and balance. It is flattering but not forgotten anybody behind. It is quite comfortable, but after a while, I am a little sore on the top of the skull. The telephone cable, and it is not well at once: it does not drag the ground, but must not go too far either! When I fiddle with and I spend on my monitors, no big surprise, the output is what I expected with the headset. I even prefer it went to my monitors, I found the treble too pervasive to medium volume. Not disappointed, then, and I would do if he farted this choice tomorrow.