KRK KNS 6400
KRK KNS 6400

KNS 6400, Studio headphone from KRK in the KNS series.

alexmusicboy 03/31/2011

KRK KNS 6400 : alexmusicboy's user review

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hello all,
curious to hear what could make a mark as KRK in the field of headphone, I got the KNS been using it for 15 days (catch and mix) and walk across it I totally ' I tried various models from the classic studio (Sony mdr7506, Beyer DT770, dt250, DT 100, DT150akg K240, sennheiser hd 25 ,...). light appeared to me during a session at Studio Ferber with Beyer DT 250! So in comparison with the latter, the average KRK sounds, much less brilliant, lack of infrastructure (I do not mix tekno but now the bass is so important) and I noticed a bump in the low mids. for comfort and insulation, nothing wrong but it is a little plastok face Made in germany.bref this headphone is honest for the price (less than 100 euros) and for my use (monitoring musician) but when the we tasted a range above, it can only bow! the 8400 is certainly more efficient.