Sennheiser HD 280 Pro
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

HD 280 Pro, Studio headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

JoneSmice 01/20/2005

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro : JoneSmice's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Dynamic closed circumaural headphones:
primarily for the sound

- Its main asset is its attnuation of 32 dB: it's really true ... trs effective!
No need to really push repisse or burn the headphone (which he also supports trs well!)
When he was on the ears with a little zick 'in it, means more screaming his ERRF 2 meters.

- This may sound balance, the guy! With a micro prampli acceptable, should any situation (drummer mad and deaf, costs solo live ,...)

- At the sound, a word: it is nickel ... As said before, the treble a bit aggressive to beginners but nothing too serious ... (-DSOL-)
Fidler enough for a "cost-up" (live), do not use even when mixing ...

- The spiral cable is convenient to have a m'vite kilomtre more live and studio ...
- Good practice is also that this headphones fold: not take up space!

Comfort is not what is most enjoyable without being too sucks, it is widely playable.
Circuit around circumaural ear after a while, you get forgotten.

- on the other hand, a feeling that one discrtement whispered in his ear: one feels the HP too prs of the ear. I will say that the contact pressure too high (6N). I have also default on the HD202 (more pronounced.
I'll add a little thickness of foam (like home), I think the problem arduira.

- It's true that strangled a bit, so I ask when I mix (too bad, a would be more practical to keep the neck).

- Also, I prfr a jack with an adapter 6.35 3.5 plutt than the other because, as I use it also for the walkman, I was always a little afraid of losing the adapter and find myself as a c ** in benefits. But nothing serious, I put a jack 6.35 and I bought an adapter, nothing too complicated I have to be a bit annoying but does have more "pro".
I put him 10 for the use I make of it is really excellent. I use it to:
- The sound system to listen to the solo headphone and it's clean, little or no means the sound system and can push hard if the need arises ...
- The studio for the return of musicos is a real rgal, not even when I push repisse ...

The default is not redibitoires: it is a good product.

I thought he had a small bag (kit beauty!) In which he returns as a dad in mom, so he is happy.

It has few competitors: LIVE SOUND, BEYER, VIC FIRST ... I have not had the opportunity to test the other but (given the CHARACTERISTICS) the air above it.
Compared to the HD202, one suspects, there's no picture but the products are not comparable: the ranges are extreme!
I buy more in the future.
The quality-price ratio is excellent ...