Sony MDR-7506
Sony MDR-7506

MDR-7506, Studio headphone from Sony in the MDR series.

JackLudden 08/10/2008

Sony MDR-7506 : JackLudden's user review


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The Sony MDR 7506's are something of a standard for headphone monitoring in studios. I have been using them for years. They are quite common, and you will see them in a lot of places. They are closed ear headphones, so you get a pretty good degree of isolation when using them. Not as good as something like the sennheiser hd220, but still good enough for most recordings. Sometimes if a singer in a vocal booth likes a really loud mix, you'll have leakage into the vocal mix, but usually it's fine.

Obviously the closed ear style will attenuate a good degree of background noise as well, which is nice if youre using them for casual listening on an airplane or something like that. The sound quality is generally very good. The frequency response seems fairly flat, and they aren't too fatiguing to listen to. The bass is a bit lacking in definition, as with most headphones, and of course there's the problem of not really being able to feel the bass like you'd be able to with a good set of monitor speakers. They are somewhat comfortable, given the foam padding on the ear cups. However this padding tends to tear over time, as I've noticed with one of my pairs and others i've seen as well.

These headphones come with a nice carrying bag, and an adapter for 1/4" connection. They also fold up to be very compact - good for storage and travelling. The cord is very long, and is the coiled type. You can adjust the size on them as well, in case you have an abnormally sized head.

Overall a very good pair of headphones, useful for fairly accurate monitoring and just listening to music. I'd definitely recommend them, although if you want to spend a bit more there are better headphones out there. These are a good value for the price. I'd get them again, I own a couple pairs.