Sony MDR-7506
Sony MDR-7506

MDR-7506, Studio headphone from Sony in the MDR series.

Rivera99 07/29/2003

Sony MDR-7506 : Rivera99's user review


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Hello all!
The 7506 is a good monitoring headphones and it stops l!
I use it for about a year and a half until I found super l. Subsequently I needed the real headphone completely closed envelope to the sound, so I buy the big brother the 7509. You find that there too much bass in 7506 and there are even more in 7509 except that there is not unbearable and infra low fatigue. The acute mdiums and are much more natural with the 7509 report and is softer. We can limit it to a mix. The 7506 provides a showcase for the voices (mostly women) which is great for monitoring! The male voices sound stiff as it lacks some low frequency (60-80Hz). Other experiments ... In the studio, I made sounds made on sound (4:00) and finally take off 7506: the Ralite only "sounds" the same. There is a kind of lack or too much of something ... (Mediums) The experiment was repeated with the 7509 the next day and not fall, I never quit the earth!
In conclusion:
To the extent you want to do the monitoring, the 7506 is a great headphone not to keep the ears too long: 1 hour max (fatigue). His lack of Ralite in the low forbids the taking of the kick drum and bass and a lot of acoustic instruments (strings and piano). Its price is its main advantage for this type of range is not found the same quality. The 7509, it is much more expensive but much better and its use is much wider (simple cost of living, sound system, monitoring, mastering).