antoine62400 06/25/2013

Ultrasone PRO 900 : antoine62400's user review

«  Amazed at all levels. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Bought € 300, the value for money is excellent.
The headset can be used to return the records, there is very little repisse.

I hope I did not make the same decision in 20 years, but it will without hesitation.

Purchased in addition to low-end monitor for 300 € 3 years ago, I was expecting a mostly neutral headphone that would be my point of comparison (and especially correction) compared to my main monitor (the acoustic piece untreated).

Use and ergonomics at the top: 1 box protection, 2 cables, I take them everywhere with me in my backpack. on the other hand, it is true that it is large (9/10)

No fragility felt in 3 years. Despite the compression in suitcases or in the bag, the headphone has never took a shot and still seems like new, no degradation of sound recorded.
I agree with a previous review: 10 years of life to a minimum.

Without being a pro, you can immediately feel the precision of treble (bright but not aggressive) and the presence of low (far ahead). Talking in low: They are accurate and do not spill over into the mids. In fact, listening well, we realize that there is not more volume on the bass, but the headphone down very low: this is what gives this huge depth sond! It is an ideal complement to monitoring speakers (8 ") and my other headphones because when the realization of my mixes, I realize immediately realize if bass is not precise enough or if they spill over the medium .