JRX118S, Subwoofer from JBL in the JRX100 series.

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sounDlevel 02/18/2007

JBL JRX118S : sounDlevel's user review


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I use it for about 6 months like the clutter reduced.
I do 350watt power it all! it saturates rapidemmant enough and do not fall in the low and the xmax is ridiculous that's what the snaps no protection circuit or filter it directly with the cable walkman lol! seriously I think it was the 0.75 mm ², which is principally not recommended for big bass reinforcement.

except for a small type unstall small bars or the restaurant can do it but if it is not strong

I do not refer the same choice in the range JRX tapper it wrong in the other range (eon the great work! mp; VRX; range thx etc) very disappointed with JBL! for about € 500