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De La Mancha thr33some

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De La Mancha thr33some
News De La Mancha thr33some

Surround Sound/Spatialization Software from De La Mancha

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De la Mancha has announced the release of thr33some, a new multi-band stereo tool designed to allow you to widen or narrow specific frequencies in your mix.

Typical use would be to make bass sounds mono whilst progressively spreading higher frequencies, but abuse and experimentation will yield some interesting effects too, the company promises.

thr33some has 2 methods of stereo spread and, with gain and pan per band, you have total control over all 3 bands. You can also make each band full spectrum to get 3 full layers and control in and out gain with metering to keep levels under control. There is also a multi-out version for individual processing of each band in your DAW.

  • 3 band stereo widener/narrower.
  • Split bands into 3 frequency ranges, or choose 3 full spectrum layers.
  • Zero phasing band splits using inversion rather than crossover.
  • Mid/Side processing per band.
  • Delay based width control per band.
  • Stereo balance and gain per band.
  • Stereo out and multi-out (3x stereo) versions.
  • In and out gain controls.
  • Metering for in and out levels to allow balancing.
  • All control parameters named and mapped to MIDI CC.
  • Presets covering all functions and many configurations.

Pricing & Availability
Priced at $15, thr33some is available now as a VST effect plug-in for Windows. During May 2009, all purchases of thr33some will have a free copy of pitchfork included in the download (worth $15).
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