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Nugen Audio Stereoizer 3

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Nugen Audio Stereoizer 3
News Nugen Audio Stereoizer 3

Surround Sound/Spatialization Software from Nugen Audio

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NUGEN Audio has announced the release of the 3rd generation of its stereo enhancement and adjustment plug-in Stereoizer.

New in Stereoizer 3:
  • New IID algorithm.
  • New ITD algorithm.
  • Frequency limited processing.
  • New dynamics options.
  • Intuitive stereo spectral analysis.
  • Stereo position meter.
  • Balance controls.
  • Solo controls.
  • Comprehensive presets.

Typical Applications

Mix | Sound Design:
  • Expanding narrow stereo spectra.
  • Introducing width to mono recordings.
  • Enhancing the depth of FX return channels.
  • Reigning in over enthusiastic spot FX.
  • Creating 'centre space’.
  • Settling 'forward’ sounds.
  • Generating panoramic ambience.
  • Adding richness and gloss.
  • Re-focusing central solidity.
  • Avoiding heavy EQ and/or compression.
  • Opening up cluttered frequencies.
  • Fixing poorly positioned mic’s.
  • Adding depth, width and space to specific tracks.
  • Enlivening static sounds.

Mastering | Post | Restoration:
  • Natural extrapolation of existing image.
  • Frequency specific enhancement.
  • Re-balancing.
  • Taming eccentric material.
  • Re-introduction of natural ambience.
  • Firmly define existing stereo spectrum.
  • Avoid changing the character with unnecessary EQ.
  • Neutral stereo expansion/contraction.
  • Subtle blending of inserts and returns.
  • Psychoacoustic sweetening of frequency crowns.

Pricing & Availability
It’s available now for Windows (VST) and Mac OS X (VST/AU) for $99.
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