Clavia Micro Modular
Clavia Micro Modular
Jack T Phridge 09/20/2012

Clavia Micro Modular : Jack T Phridge's user review

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I will not go on characteristics: see previous posts! (And yes, I know, I scrolled!)


We can not say that this is exactly "simple" to use. But at the same time time, this is not the deal!
It is, indeed, a certain grip ... but it is largely paid off! I know that for me the MM is both a great learning tool that creation.
There is an effort to provide the box but we give a hundredfold.
The manual is very well done, clear, and especially allows a learning curve from the simple (eg, audio input, an effect module and output) to things more complex modules vocoder or FM synthesis.

In my practice I find the editor more stable than XP on Mac (some bugs we learn to avoid (especially related to renaming the modules, at home, on mac crashes systematically editor) but a good overall performance on OSX 10.6)


That is the big argument MM. As it has been said in previous reviews: it sounds really good! A true digital sound especially powerful and truly versatile.

Of course, the GM has many restrictions (especially polyphony) but I think it is an object that requires a kind of critical approach. An attitude similar to that one can have against Max (even if the possibilities of MM are smaller of course). I must face the beast comes up with an idea in mind, a function, a journey that we want to inflict on her.

He serves primarily as a module improvisation in real time by exploiting this aspect (as Mark Harris fell) to combine in the same patch an IN / OUT with treatment (filters, distortion, compression) of the stream "live" with oscillators and noise generators etc.. I then uses a BCR2000 to control various parameters. So I can have on hand sounds very "raw" live oscilloscope but also a processing tool with filters etc..


I use it since 2007 (I think).

This is the first module of the type I had.
I think in the abstract whether I could afford a G2, I will! Restrictions on the MM are real: the DSP is mainly home often stuck between 95 and 99%. (Which does not affect the operation of the synth: if you have enough DSP while traveling, if there is not enough, there is no sound).
That it requires two finishes

Also, since I use it as much as possible live, the fact that it is sometimes a bit monotimbral frustrating.
(For swing mode Duracell (!!
But for the price paid (200 euros) at the time, I am more than satisfied!