Waldorf Blofeld
sw80 10/28/2012

Waldorf Blofeld : sw80's user review

« Needs more knobs »

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The Waldorf Blofeld is a digital synth that comes with over 1,000 sounds and presets. You can use up to 25 voices on the Waldorf Blofeld and it only cost 700 dollars. The interface on the Waldorf Blofeld is very easy to use and understand. It is very self explanatory, you will not need a manual to understand this synth. It can hook up to your computer through USB and you can use your MIDI connections to control the sounds from your MIDI keyboard. The arpeggiator on the Waldorf Blofeld is so good, it makes standard keyboard arpeggiators look like a kids toy.


You can get some really good sounds with the Waldorf Blofeld. You can start building your sounds from the presets that it provides or you can pretty much build a sound yourself from scratch. The only downfall of the Waldorf Blofeld is that the interface does not have all of the knobs for the parameters on it. It would be nice if all of the knobs were right on the face of the unit and then you could tweak everything in real time until you had a sound that you were happy with.


Setting up the Waldorf Blofeld is simple, you will just need to make sure that all of your connections are set up right. The Waldorf Blofeld does have some effects on it like flanger, phaser, delay, reverb, overdrive and chorus. Since I have been using the Waldorf Blofeld I have been able to get way better sounds than any VST that I have used.


The Waldorf Blofeld cannot be racked, it will need to be placed on a desktop surface but that is ok because it is not that big. It is less than a foot wide which makes it the perfect desktop size. If you don’t want just the module you can purchase the full keyboard version.