Waldorf Blofeld
Mr Kay 07/14/2013

Waldorf Blofeld : Mr Kay's user review

«  Small, but mighty »

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Polyphonic and multi-timbral synthesizer analog modeling.
- 3 oscilloscope Voice
- Modeling analog waveforms (sine, sawtooth, triangle, square)
- Tables inherited Q waves
- Noise Generator
- Sampling (optional on the block version as of one hundred euros)
- 2 multimode filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, cut tape, comb)
- 4 envelopes
- 3 LFO
- FM
- Modulation Matrix
- Effects (chorus, delay, distortion ...)
- Arpeggiator

The construction is robust with its metal frame, it is far from existing plastic toys that we currently serve Korg or Roland in these price ranges.


My copy came with the OS v1.15, this is no longer the plant bugs as was clearly the case in the past, but there are still crashes from time to time (it's happened to me a few Once I have to turn off the machine because more way to change the patch), there are always variations in the volume of factory presets a floor to another, which can be quite annoying.

Editing is less straightforward than a Nord Lead or MS-2000 because it is not "one button, one function", but the clever link between the matrix and silkscreened the screen allow quick access parameters (bloated) without losing too much in the menus / submenus.

A good knowledge of the synthesis is preferable before tackling such a device, although dissect the factory presets can give ideas.


Engine power and well thought out ergonomics allow for complex and evolving sounds an instrument of choice for industrial, experimental music. The arpeggiator is great ADDITION Blofeld and makes a machine of choice for electro punchy.

By against the grain Waldorf hard enough, is not ideal for big bass to Moog filters sounding pretty metal, it is more in the spirit of the PPG Wave that old analos.

The effects are not great, especially the reverb, good external effects will not be a luxury.


I have since about a year, quite curious about the Waldorf grain and quite attracted by the price (less than 400 € new) and its compact and robust format that can take them anywhere.

Hopefully the next version of the OS (currently still in beta) correct the remaining bugs to consider use with confidence on stage, which will further improve the quality / price ratio, already great, this instrument.