Waldorf Blofeld
simc 01/21/2012

Waldorf Blofeld : simc's user review


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Expander polyphonic and multitimbral desktop VA. A single MIDI IN and one audio output.


The use may not be simple given the infinity of possibility to the small craft ultra powerful. Fortunately the design is very intelligent and can quickly retourver them (a look at using a software publisher still to see the concept as a whole). The little knob makes editing sounds a bit laborious but sufit to use "live". The English manual is very well done.


The factory presets are for the most part, not to my taste. The possibilities are endless, as mentioned above, can do what you want. The oscilios sound good, and you can quickly get very good things. The effects are not to my taste.


I use it for half a score of months, I bought it for its attractive price and to give me a hand on anything other than synth softwares. I like the contact with the machine solid and well screwed. I am not satisfied with the digital sound that can be drawn. I find wrong and I would appreciate the effects of other audio outputs for multitimbral engine. For the bargain price, it's worth Blofeld. I am now eyeing a 2x Nord Rack.