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Lord Wan 05/03/2005

Yamaha AN200 : Lord Wan's user review


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- A "keyboard" an octave does not grant the achte VLOC but not a. ..
- 256 + presets including 128 users a sound, its variation, a drum pattern and a pattern of modulation of the sound.
- The main effect: to add an overdrive distortion on percussion, leads, ...
- Each pattern has four tracks: 3 and battery of a synth.
- Polyphony (8? 16? +?), I do not know, so that only one synth track is not likely Exceeds the capacity of the machine.
Just like you can not raffecter tracks battery of synth tracks (I have 4 shares prfr freely assignable) I put that 8.


Given the number of knobs and buttons, sound edition is very simple. On this point, the doc is very well done.
Its default in everyday life? Well, unfortunately, there are several:
- The display is 3 digits prhistorique (even if ingnieurs Yamaha broke the Q to display fake letters on the segments)
- When you do a program change by noon, the NA is silent for 1 second, the time to initialize sound. In sonar, which sends the program change every time we PLAY, you lose systmatiquement THE FIRST note of the bar on which You Started). Must then disable custom settings bank / patch of the track.

As management changes and modulations is gniale, even when I put an 8.


The sounds are especially suited typs trs basses, leads, percussion or electric keyboard FM (sounds like a piano is saturated Rode the machine all by itself). To make Rlectro (rtro / electro) like Air.
An overall score? in this price range OCCAZ (~ 200), there are few equivalents ... While a small 9.


Do I Rasht one if I am flying? No, I would walk the insurance. It's not that bad either, especially since it is does not match my expectations: I wanted an expander to stretch my range of sounds, I do not use the drum sounds or programming of pattern or songs. So ... it is well ... but not for me. (In addition, he has just left on my desktop PC keyboard, the place I only feature .... Virus TI desktop)