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benz69fr 05/13/2005

Yamaha AN200 : benz69fr's user review


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I think everything has already been said.
Too bad the polyphony is so low (5 I think) after it depends if you stick the pace or not.
There is a soft it seems very useful but I did not and unfortunately appears not found on the net.


PDF manual available on the Yamaha site, rather well done and exaust.
Editing sounds is super simple. In fact this is my first synth and I think it makes me want to invest soon in something beefier (virus or Nordlead)


The sound is terrible absulement! In any case if you have a tendency techno.
I was hoping for something a little softer compound for more electro but it's still very good,
And the synthesis is the foot, every day has its new sound and then some presets are very good.
On the drum part, it is convenient because it allows for a drum machine on hand trip ... but a few kick, this synth is not for ca


I've had 15 days or so. I'm traveling so for now I hack some presets for my return ... I look forward to all this sampler!

I think the more appreciable in this synth is easy to create sounds really powerful characters and pro. And the opportunity to live (reliable machine, I have no personal bug ... the gate, reverse, etc. ...).

I do not like it really irritates me and the screen is super bad place because just behind the wheel data. (Ie 9)

I specify that I paid 150 euros secondhand, so at this price, if only for 4 or 5 sounds that kill it's worth it.