Lucas Hale Timer Resolution v2.0
Lucas Hale Timer Resolution v2.0

Timer Resolution v2.0, System Tool from Lucas Hale.

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TheJeff666 07/03/2012

Lucas Hale Timer Resolution v2.0 : TheJeff666's user review

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this is an executable used to adjust the resolution of the clock windows, so no installation, use extremely simple, and no incompatibility ... I must add that this utility is used by developers in very sharp focus on quality ...


Intel Core i7 960 Cooler Master V8 Ventirad
12 GB DDR3-1333MHz PC3-10666 Kingston
Your HD system disk 160 GB SSD
Hard Drive 1TB SATA III data trs 7200 64MB Caviar Black
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
Power Cooler Master Real Power 600 Watts
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
sound card Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 DSP
cubase 5

So a good machine, highly optimized, well configured and stable (it has been 25 years since I'm doing ... computer music) and yet, occasionally, well there are cracks ... pfff ...


We all have problems "cracking" sound cards with our ... You should know that the windows clock is set at a default resolution of between 10 and 25 milliseconds ... if if if, an Atari 1024 or an Amiga, are always more accurate than a PC in 2012, it's crazy right? this default resolution will inevitably enter into conflict with your sound driver, you obviously set for a latency of less than 5 milliseconds. and hop popping and stalls ... GRRRRR!!

TimerResolution with v2.0, you can change the default resolution of the clock windows to go up a half a millisecond resolution at max ... And presto, no more problems with the asio driver of the coup ... it is an executable leave it running in the background music during your session.

since I started using this software, and done crunches ... Finally, if I can still have crackles if I open a convolution reverbs 28 on a proposed 73 tracks with each track on while recording a big band jazz ... but this is my thrashing machine, not my asio driver ... happiness

as it is not a dedicated music software, I leave you also imagine the comfort under any form of application as real. 3D gaming is much more effective (and cheaper) than to change the graphics card is really impressive. while for the video and VJiing I guess it must be terrible.

it cost 10 Australian dollars (8.15 €) and it gives me become indispensable.

With a good machine too old, a dedicated hardware and software environment music, run in and stabilized (no hardware conflict, not open network, no internet and antivirus, drivers, system patches and optimized background and current ), and good computer skills, if you still crackles with this utility will require you to put the flute, triangle or if you have configuration problems with the flute ...