Denon DJ DN-S3700
Denon DJ DN-S3700

DN-S3700, Tabletop DJ player from Denon DJ.

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JimboSpins 02/21/2013

Denon DJ DN-S3700 : JimboSpins's user review

« Nice effects built into it »

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The Denon DJ DN-S3700 has a 9 inch platter, and it feels very much like some of the vinyl platters that I have used over the years. When I first purchased this table top CD/MP3 player I was not sure if I would like it do to being used to working with only vinyl for so many years. I knew that working with MP3’s would make more sense and it would be a less load to have to carry but I wanted to still feel like I was working with vinyl. The Denon DNS3700 didn’t make me feel like I was on a vinyl turntable but it still feels pretty close.
Using this table top platter is pretty simple, even if it is your first time or if you are coming from another similar style unit then you will have no problems adjusting to it because they are all pretty much the same. It has a high torque direct drive motor that pushes the platter which feels like a vinyl record on a slip mat to some extent.
The LCD Display is also pretty good because it gets bright in poor lit rooms and clubs so it is still easy to see what is going on. There are also some digital effects on the DN-S3700, some of the ones that I found myself using the most is sweep, stutter, echo, and flanger. There are a total of 5 built in effects that are all very good and 3 platter effects.
This unit is also built very well; it does not seem to be made out of cheap materials and seems to be holding up great. It took me a while before I was fully comfortable with it but once I used it a lot it felt like second nature. I recommend this to someone who is just starting out with this style of turntables and wants a great quality one from the start. There are cheaper ones on the market though for beginners.